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Posted on Monday, Jan. 6th 2014 6:43 PM by Tiffany in Blogging

How do you get someone to leave you the fuck alone?  I think everyone knows who I am talking about, if not refer to The Situation.  I have banned this person 13 times, and yet since they have been banned they have visited my site over 500 times since they have been banned and, they continuously comment on my site, harass me, my friends, and our sites.  Since the previously blog post I have ignored this person as much as possible, but it’s hard because it looks like being a fucking bitch is the only way to get through to some people.

Since, the blog post I have ignored this person, but she would keep commenting unwanted comments on my site, put mine and my friends names in her mouth, put our links on her blog, many times just to be a bitch because she knows we want nothing to do with her.  When she was asked to take down the links knowing we want nothing to do with her, she would argue with the person who asked her too, when she shouldn’t have linked us in the first place.  Especially, since she know that we do not want her to ahead of time.

She actually had the nerve to share my personal facebook’s timeline cover on her facebook, she would forever link sites I am apart of just to be a bitch, etc.  She tried to join my challenges knowing she is banned from my site,  oh and she fucking sent me a friends request on facebook like what the hell?  I am not your friend, in fact your banned from my site and I told you to leave me alone, yet you send me a friends request.  Then she goes and messages me on facebook to mess with me farther.  WTF?  Then she tries to join my fanlisting!  She tried to plug her “site” on my plugboard.  She tried to ask me to advertise her, she tried to ask me to do a link exchange which I don’t have either of those things, which farthers my thoughts she is just purpose trying to fuck with me.  She sent me a comment on my site under a fake name about how my site is as ugly as my face.  Sending me a Christmas gift when she knows has been banned from my site, she then send me a fake apology again knowing she has been banned from my site.   She purposely links a site I am apart of and uses textures I made.  None of that said I am sorry, it said I am a sorry person.

I joined a forum with a friend of mine because someone asked us to, and she would never stop harassing us on there, quoting us, personal messaging us, etc.  She would us textures I made just to piss me off.  Then she wants to quote me on the said forum and ask me if I am too old to be watching anime, and yet she does, she is OLDER than me, she watches Disney channel, and she is too old to be obsessed with Taylor Lautner, pedobear much.

On my friend’s DA she would not stop faving her deviations to harass her, she commented on both of my little sisters sites just to bother me.  She would comment on my friend’s blog that to tell her happy birthday, when she was blocked at that site also.  I should also mention she is using her “sister’s” deviantart account as hers know, which makes it even clearer that there was never a sister.  I am still wondering why she is trying to bother us, since we are such evil and bad people that she put us on a hate list, and told everyone what horrible people we were, so you would think that she would leave us alone, and not try to be out “friend.”  Since we have started to ignore her about half a year ago, her attitude towards us has gotten more and more obsessive and she has not stopped trying to talk to us.  We all thought that ignoring her would make her leave us alone, and it only made it worst.

Then in her sorry card, she wrote I need to let go of the grunge against, there is no real sorry in there, and she has not said I am sorry for lying, stealing, and etc, like her jocking graphics, lying about us being bullies, saying she is the real bully, saying sorry for harassing you, sorry for saying your team site had virus etc.  There is no “grudge,” she is a delusional bitch, and if she would actually be sorry and tell everyone she has wronged like my friends and others, and make it public, including admitting her wrongs, and not blaming everyone else for them.  Maybe, but even in her apology she is making it look like I am the one that did something wrong.  I’m not holding a “grunge” I just want her to leave me alone yet for whatever reason she can’t, and she obviously can’t say sorry right either.

I also have screenshots to back this all up, seriously how should I deal with this?  Continue ignoring this person or be a bitch?  I do know if I defend my self without being rude or a bitch, I will still be called a bully, so it doesn’t matter if I am nice or not.

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6 Comments on “Seriously?”

Aaliyah Laine Says:

aww Tiffany .. I’m sorry you have to deal with people like that especially on the internet. I have this weird feeling though that I’m pretty sure I know who you are referring to. Seems like she’s pissed off several people in the past also from what I’ve read. I sincerely hope that she does start acting her age though.

Aside from this drama I hope the new year is going smooth for you! As for me, I cannot WAIT for this baby to get out. Kinda tired of being pregnant lol. Anyways keep in touch babe. Muah keep your head up :)

Kaitlyn Says:

Holy smokes! I can’t believe that this is still going on! I really can’t believe it. I don’t know why ignoring didnt work for you guys!? I never had a problem. I don;t unerstand, why blocking her isn’t working. This is just so out of hand, I am sorry that you have to go through this =(
Kaitlyn recently posted..2014My Profile

Brandi Says:

Hey Tiffany i totally know what u mean. This person commented on my da, followed me, and faved my artwork and because i ignored her she went on da to one of my affies and was telling lies about me. Me and karen from hearts melody already know what u are going thru cause we are also deemed bullies by her. She said she loathed us then commented in my cbox, request stuff from me and tried sending me a greeting card. Ne and karen both have on our sites an article warning about this person. On my site its red alert page and on karens its high Alert and we both wrote and are trying to warn ppl about this person. She is annoying, and gets mad when i ignore but i will keep doing so be ause she is no friend of mine. I am not one to hold grudges but she keeps acting like nothing happens and not on e apaologized for her actions then gets mad when i ignore her and do t want anything to do with her. What are we to do? Me i am ignoring her as best as i can. If she was truly sorry i would forgive but she isnt so to me she can kick rocks. Dont let it bother u or stress u out. I stopped that aong time ago. Know that u are not alone me and karen and other ppl online know who who u r talking about and are expericing the harassment and same thing u are going through.

Lucien Says:

I can’t believe she is doing it again; she is in dire need of mental help. She has 2 or 3 subdomains, now ( you can recognize her hand by the code), and each time she uses a different one to try disguising herself; this, she, is getting pathetic.

From what it seems to me, you’ve already tried everything; you have no choice but trying to be a bi**h. My only fear is that she won’t get it, no matter what: sick people like her never get it – she didn’t get me when I sent her a nicely-bi**y mail to confront her about her behaviour; she just went on like the mail never existed and kept posting on my cbox. I never reply.

Ashlei Says:

After I read your blog I deleted her from my affiliates again, blocked her on da and fb. She still emails me asking for stuff, and just asked in my cbox ti be affies. I just opened a new site and she’s followed me there too. I told her if she started stuff again I would delete her from my affiliates permanently and she said she had changed, but clearly that was a lie. I’m sorry she is harassing you again. It seems like you get the worst of it. That girl really needs a hobby. Hopefully if we all ignore here she’ll stop.

Laura Says:

Jeez, Tiffany. I’m actually really glad you brought this to my attention — i.e. I’m really glad I’m not the only person having trouble with her. She recently asked me to make a theme and a header for her, which I did, because I was stuck for something to code/create, but now she keeps bombarding me with requests. She even found me on DeviantArt, despite there being absolutely no links to my dA ANYWHERE on my blog. She now keeps sending requests to me there. And I’ve just had to block her on twitter too :\ I really felt like I was the only person having an issue with her. I’ve deleted her from my affiliates, and tbh, there’s not much I can do about the theme I made her, nor can she ask for her money back as I did not charge for my time (which is actually a relief now). I swear…I’ve deactivated my dA now, and created a new one…if she finds me, she finds me, I guess, but she’ll be blocked if she tries to watch my profile. I can’t cope with the numerous emails per day. I had five on Saturday alone, in addition to the three notes she sent me on dA. I actually regret being so cheery with her now :( I’ve blocked her ip so hopefully, she won’t be able to get on my site and leave messages in my cbox, but there’s nothing I can do about my site email, because displaying my email on my site is important, as is my contact form *head desk* Reminds me…I really must change my twitter url :( I’d probably carry on ignoring her, tbh. I don’t think she’d get it whether you keep a civil tongue or not — some people never learn. She sounds like one of those people.

Chin up, love <3

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