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Welcome to, This is the personal portfolio and blogging site of me Tiffany, I'm a 26 year old Navy Vet from Florida. I love art, reading, writing, and anything creative. I have the cutest bunny rabbit ever named Lemon, and he is a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. I have three sisters, no brothers, and one of those sisters is my twin, and yes I am older by an HOUR! It mean something to me, since technical I am the oldest sister. I'm obsessed with anime, manga, fanlistings, and neric from NCIS LA. If you happen to want handmade unique jewelry, accessories, or a phone case you should buy from me here The Jewelry Box
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Can you keep my secret?

Posted on Sunday, Feb. 9th 2014 1:41 PM by Tiffany in layouts

I wanted to let everyone know about my twin sister Bridget’s site that she just finished publishing, it would mean a lot if yall would check it out :) My-Bl0nde-M0ment

Also I have two new themes for wordpress. :D Check them out!! @here

Posted in layouts
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6 Comments on “Can you keep my secret?”

Rose Says:

Nice new themes.
I don’t like The Hunter Games that much, but the image you used looks cool.

Rose Says:

The layout I made with your header is online at; come take a look, and tell me what you think? Thank you. :)

Gemzy Says:

It has to be said I am loving your wordpress themes I checked them out a while ago and they are gorgeous :D

Rose Says:

Thank you, I’m so happy you like it. :)

Alyssa Says:

the hunger games layout is really nice :) i love all of your wordpress themes so much, :)

Gemzy Says:

Aww it is saying that your cbox expired so can’t leave a message there but yeah people seem to be losing interest in challenges… so its not as fun anymore.. oo what forum is this , that you have found? :)

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